True friendship

What is the true meaning of friendship? According to the dictionary, friendship is a relationship between friends. Friendship, for me, isn’t just about the relationship. It’s about the state of having mutual support and trust. 

Frequently, we label people as our “friends” because we hang out with them or we see them three to five times a week. Friends aren’t like that. Friends are the ones who will be there for you no matter what. Friends are the ones whom you only see three-four times a month yet everytime you meet it’s like nothing has changed. 

Friends are the ones you are so comfortable with. They are the ones you can tell your embarassing stories to, without the feeling of being judged. They are the ones who comes up to your mind when you need someone to talk to or even share your stories to and even though sometimes our stories become worthless and boring they still listen because they know you would also listen to theirs. 

Friends bring out the best in you. They also want what is good for you and what they know would benefit you. Friends aren’t only friends but they are family. That’s how important they are, to me. Friends are people you can count on and lean on. They are the people who will be there for you through thick and thin, through good times and bad times. 

Who are your friends? How important are they to you? 


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