“How do you manage living far from the city?” 

Waking up to birds chirping, green fields & fresh air is a good way to start the morning rather than vehicles honking, tall buildings & polluted air. This is why I enjoy living in the province, away from the busy, noisy & polluted city.

Source: google images

Province living is stereotyped as boring. I’ve read blogs & even facebook posts complaining that shopping is hard in the province because they couldn’t find what they need. Some, complain about network signal & internet speed. What I love about the province is though shopping is hard and network signal & internet speed is poor, it is more peaceful and relaxing. Another reason is, people in the neighborhood are very close with each other. I even love how some people in the province are still traditional & conservative. Lastly, I love how the province still embrace the Filipino culture & locality.

Source: google images

Others may define province life as boring but I will always continue to find it as comfortable & cozy. I’d rather hear birds chirping than vehicles honking. I’d rather breathe in fresh air than polluted air. I’d rather enjoy the view of green fields & trees than tall buildings and because of these, I can manage waking up & living in the province.

Source: google images

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