Growing up, I loved history. I fancy exploring what transpired during the Spanish colonization and how our heroes fought for our freedom.

Vigan is a city in Ilocos Sur. It is known for its preserved Spanish colonial and Asian architecture. For someone who loves architecture & history at the same time, I admired Vigan so much.

I remember back in elementary, our field trip was in Vigan. I was ecstatic when I knew about it but unfortunately my parents didn’t allow me to join but rather promised me that we would go during the summer. The day came, and I was so pumped to get there. 

I was in awe when arriving the place. Most of the old structures remained intact. Aside from that, it is well known for its cobblestone streets and a unique architecture of the Philippine colonial era which fuses Native Philippine and Oriental building designs and construction, with colonial Spanish architecture. Also, most still use kalesa as a way of transportation. 

If you love history, vintage or preserved architecture, then Vigan is a place to go to. The place does not only showcase preserved architecture but it also displays the tradition & culture of Filipinos that somehow is forgotten.


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