“Support local”

“Support local”. Maybe you’re tired of hearing this but these past few days, after countless of blogs written to promote local, I’ve realized and I’ve learned to patronize locality. 

Supporting local is not just about loving the country or the region where you are in, it’s about loving every bit of it, it’s uniqueness, the people, the art, the literature, the music or anything it produces. At some point, we might have ignored local and went international but locality is what we are here for. These past few days of exploring the locality, I’ve seen and discovered a lot of talented local artists, delicious local delicacies and even lovely places to go to.  

Bottom-line is, never ever ignore local. “I somehow believe it’s my civic duty to write songs for the Filipinos to consume, but for the world to also discover and update their ideas about us Filipinos and our culture.” (Armi Millare of UDD). I hope that just like Armi, we would continue to love and embrace local (not only through music but in every way we can think of) not only for us Filipinos, but also to share it to the world.


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